YouTube For Kids Is Still Is Still Churning Out Blood, Suicide And Cannibalism

Illiteracy among kids is one of the greatest problems that educators face. Children who receive early music training score higher on standardized tests. As a Behavioral Optometrist for over 20 years, I have developed a special program of therapies which will significantly advance your child's learning ability, whether they are behind their peers or not.

Whether it's Peppa Pig on children's TV or a Disney movie, whatever one's feelings about the industrial model of entertainment production, they are carefully produced and monitored so that kids are essentially safe watching them, and can be trusted as such.

Fun characters and funnier antics makes this a blockbuster for children. There are different specific age groups per learning system, so there will always be an appropriate toy for your little tots. Proper care should be taken in choosing kids' puzzle games suitable for their abilities and ages.

Titles are typically a learn colors song word salad designed to attract children's and parents' searches, while the videos' content leans heavily on generic 2D or 3D animated models, usually incongruously combined with familiar figures from hit Disney or superhero franchises.

Learning a second language does not cause language problems. The video's creator, BABYFUN TV (screenshot above), has produced many similar videos. Gives them a head start and improves their language skills - Children that have been read to regularly are ahead of the same age children in their classes.

What we're talking about is very young children, effectively from birth, being deliberately targeted with content which will traumatise and disturb them, via networks which are extremely vulnerable to exactly this form of abuse. They are equipped with various interactive and age appropriate functionalities to teach your kids basic concepts in writing letters, learning English, math, music and geometry and many more.

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